Comandos Básicos BROCADE – Switch

Comandos Básicos BROCADE – Switch

CLI Command


help Prints available commands
switchshow Display switch and port status, normally first command to run to obtain switch configuration
switchdisabled Disable the switch
switchenable Enable the switch
portdisable Disable a specified port
portenable Enable a specified port
porterrshow Print port error summary
portname Show the portname or you can rename the portname
portcfgpersistentdisable Persistently disable a port
portcfgpersistentenable Enable a persistently disabled port
licenseadd Adds license keys to switch
licensehelp Display license help information
licenseshow Displays current license keys
diaghelp Diagnostic commands
configure Change switch parameters (BB credits, etc)
date Print/set the system date and time
uptime Print how long switch has been up
diagshow POST results since last boot
routehelp routing commands
supportshow Prints switch information for debugging purposes
portshow # Display port info
nsshow Nameserver contents
nsallshow NS for full fabric
fabricshow Show fabric membership info
firmwareshow Display firmware versions in the switch
reboot Full reboot with POST
switchreboot Halts and restarts the operational switch.
firmwarecommit Commit firmware to stable storage
firmwaredownload Download firmware into switch
firmwaredownloadstatus Display the progress and status of firmwareDownload
firmwarerestore Restore the old firmware in the switch
fabswitchshow Display fabric switch state information
errshow Print error log
errdump Print error log (no page breaks)
fastboot Reboot without POST

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